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Our Story

About Us

Spanning 16 years of luxury hospitality experience with Starwood, Raffles International, Swissotel, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Per AQUUM, Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La, our pedigree is unsurpassed.

Comprised of energetic and effervescent people who burn with passion for orchestrating creative collaborations for luxury hotels and resorts. We deliver effective bespoke guest experiences that, through thoughtful brand strategy, generate unsurpassed new-age PR and Marketing.

We believe in representing clients and their brands through authentic and charismatic communications on both traditional and new media platforms, and take pride in approaching any project by building personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Who We Are

About Us

We curate an exclusive collection of artists from a wide range of industries Music, Art, Fitness, Beauty, Wellness, Fashion, Culinary Arts.

We are hotel insiders, keeping our fingers on the pulse for you Our creative collaborations come with eight years of research and development.

We have been shortlisted for two LE Miami Awards Each experience is measured in its return value to create ripple effects.

We act as YOUR in-house team For long after each guest has checked out, we want them to remember what you stand for and for the memories created.

For some clients and partners, we act as an extension of the executive team in providing day-to-day, on-going, in-house PR & Marketing support.


About Us

“Should you take the time to apply this brand collaboration strategy to any number of brands outside of contemporary hospitality, you’ll see it as not only common practice, but also common sense – primarily because intelligent brands appreciate the value in cross-pollinating their audience with likeminded brands and their respective audience.

This is where the battle is won, not necessarily by bigger or better hotels, but by cultural values that are intrinsic to your customer. Collaborating with other brands that add equity and cultural value to your own offers your audience a story and a benchmark.” – The Hotel Culture


About Us

“Not all hotel brands will be able to roll out marketing activity with the likes of Converse or Cara Delavigne. But what they can do is find suitable brand partners that assist in driving their core message within a culturally savvy manner.

This affords them an air of brand integrity: the Holy Grail of brand expression. This strategy also creates an opportunity for these hotel brands to compete more aggressively and be in a position to leverage brand equity for commercial gain, whilst ensuring the hotel stands for something.” – The Hotel Culture.


Curator/ Director

A passionate hotelier with almost 20 years of experience in luxury hotel operations, brand marketing, partnerships and public relations, Angeline's expertise comes from time spent with both global and boutique brands such Raffles International, The Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Swissotel, Fairmont and Per AQUUM in Singapore, Malaysia and the Maldives. She combines her wealth of knowledge with her fascination for art, entertainment, fashion and pop culture by curating once-in-a-lifetime guest experiences for luxury hotels and resorts around the world.

Having already worked with an impressive list of movers and shakers such as Tinie Tempah, Joss Stone, the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre, Anastasia Achilleos, Camilla Franks, Nappa Dori, Chin Chin Labs, Stephane Pompougnac, José Padilla, Mr. Hudson, DJ Ravin, Pierre Marcollini, Akira Back, Sergio Herman and many more, Angeline is a pioneer in her field, bringing creative collaborations to the luxury hospitality and lifestyle sphere in ways that have not yet been done. PER AQUUMs trailblazing guest experience concept, the Dream Calendar (now PULSE), under the watchful eye of Angeline was shortlisted for two LE Miami Awards for Most Original Campaign Award and Greatest Guest Experience Award.




Editor & Brand Strategist

Ignited by her love for language and heart for hospitality, Liane partners with The Magnolia as the Director of Vine & Bell Communications. She brings with her more than a decade of creative communications experience in the form of brand strategy, copy writing, strategic partnerships, PR and marketing. Having worked at communication agencies in San Francisco and Singapore as well as for luxury boutique hotels in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Thailand and the Maldives, Liane's expertise has also served brands in the beauty, fine art, F&B and lifestyle fields.

Combining her acuity for business development with her communications, culinary and hotel training, Liane supports The Magnolia with content creation, branding and marketing strategy on a project basis. She continues to be fuelled by the ever-changing landscape of communications for Yeh arts, culture and hospitality and the feeds her passion by travelling, learning new languages and working with brands that value authenticity through the magic of storytelling.



Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry D. Threau

Our Clients & Partners

our portfolio

With experience and high-profile networks in the music, art, design, wellness, fitness, fashion, travel, tourism, hospitality and culinary arts, we offer a unique collection of opportunities to be associated with renowned musicians, DJs, culinary artists, designers, hoteliers and others in creative fields to enhance your position and strength in the market place as an edgy, forward thinking brand, thus enabling you to operate with a more global- minded approach.

As industry experts, we are also a creative powerhouse working with some of the best designers in the region to bring your brand to the forefront of creative branding. Keeping our fingers on the pulse, we conceptualise and strategise creative concepts for hospitality brands and start ups, setting a solid foundation to develop on.

We also operate as in-house support for Operations or Marketing Communications, supporting properties to develop and execute their in- house guest experience programs, thus reducing day-to-day pressure from the existing team focused on operations. From concept to execution to PR support.

The Offer

Our service

We believe in representing clients and their brands through authentic and charismatic communication on both traditional and new media platforms. We take pride in approaching any task passionately and we build a personal relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Artistic Collaborations
  • Product Placement Integration
  • Cause Marketing

Public Relations

  • Community involvement and partnerships
  • Press and media relations
  • Social media marketing

Operations Support

  • Guest experience conceptualisation
  • Execution and marketing support

Brand Development & Management

  • Name, brand and identity development
  • Brand strategy consulting and concept development

Creative Design & Direction

  • Creative design consulting and execution
  • Customised web and graphic design
  • Creative collateral design

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